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Project Description

Startup Weekends are 54 hour marathons where teams validate their business ideas and pitch to the jury to win. Any business idea can participate and compete in Startup Weekends but these workshops can also be in verticals like Food & Tech, Fin & Tech, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Fashion, Artificial Intelligence etc.

Our track record:

– We have organized +15 Startup Weekends in Türkiye and facilitated 5 Startup Weekends in Balkan and MENA Region, since 2013.

In 2016 we organised 5 Startup Weekends in Turkiye and Facilitated in Tehran, Iran, in 2017 in Sudan.

In March 2017, organised first Startup Weekend in Mersin & in April Startup Weekend Adana, and Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence – Global Edition in Istanbul, September 2017

In 2018: Startup Weekend in Balıkesir for Güney Marmara Kalkınma Ajansı (Development Agency for South Marmara Region)
Startup Weekend Çanakkale, for Güney Marmara Kalkınma Ajansı
Startup Weekend Malatya for Fırat Kalkınma Ajansı (Fırat Development Agency)

Startup Weekend Global AI, in Izmir, IYTE

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