Stage-Co is the leading community platform and the most experienced multidisciplinary consultancy, training and event organization platform in startup and tech ecosystem in Turkiye. Stage-Co has 2 objectives:

  • Better startups – To increase the number of successful startups in Turkiye

  • Smarter corporates -To bring startup agility and creativity to corporate level & ignite intrapreneurship.

For this purpose, Stage-Co provides end-to-end services for corporate innovation and setting up entrepreneurial mindset in organisations.

Services & Products

Starting from a defined need at the investor or startup side, mentorship and consultancy can be crucial in the success of the venture. Mentorship works great when both parties, mentor and mentee have a genuine trust relation and a clear view on what is missing. Consultancy starts from a problem or assumption where the consultant comes up with implementable solutions. As Stage-Co we understand very well the difference and provide the most accurate path.

We provide a very wide range of events and workshops, specifically aiming startups and corporates. Startup Weekends, Hackathons and İdeathons are great to initiate and inspire future startups. Bootcamps and Acceleration programs are the next step in creating startups growing into a real successfully business. The initiative can come from Universities, Corporates, Public and Private organisations or CSRs departments.

Neşen and Patrick and other team members have build up a deep knowledge on entrepreneurship and startups. Sharing insights as speakers is very rewarding and seeing the impact on peoples life is beyond anything. Same goes for the facilitator role where impact goes together with tangible results at the end of a program. We facilitate our own organised events as well as others like Startup Weekends, Hackathons, Bootcamps in Türkiye or any other country.

We have organised and facilitated over 100 events in the last 5 years in and around Turkey. Stage-Co events come in various topics of innovation world, entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem, creating an impact on a better world. We are proudly helping to empower women and children in innovation & startup world (Startup Ladies, CoderDojo and Bizbizze events) and have a guiding role in redefining business life and career by our popular panel series Is There Life After Corporate?

With our sister company Minerva MDC, we serve companies, startups, institutions or NGOs with solutions based on design thinking, Lean Startup and the insights of Steve Blank. We set out the road map, action points, create the strategy and bring together the tools to implement and reach the right audience to fulfill their need with the best user experience. www.minerva-mdc.com



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