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Stage-Co Accelerating Ideas

Stage-Co is a growing independent community platform around start-ups, mentors and investors in

order to create a vibrant and successful innovative environment. Stage-Co aims to support Startups, Mentors and Investors in Turkiye to connect with each other in order to build a successful startup community. Our network consists mainly of:

  • Driven entrepreneurs
  • Experienced professionals
  • Talented designers
  • Inspired developers
  • Dedicated civil servants

meet and connect. Everyone who’s interested in creating startups, building a community, making the world a better place can join!  Click here to join our community (insert contact form)

Meetups & Events:

We have organized more than 100 events in the last 5 years and will continue to organize meet ups, events, unconferences, panels and other formats as long as we believe that it creates value for the community or will create positive impact on our world.

We organize events in various topics of innovation world, entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem and have special focus on Women Entrepreneurship (Startup Ladies and Bizbizze events) and have a guiding role in redefining business life and career by our popular panel series Is There Life After Corporate?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute to our events in any way.

Sponsor an event: All of Stage-Co Platform meetups are executed thanks to our sponsors, creating value and network for the brand. Feel free to contact us for sponsoring an event, or ask us to organize an event for your brand or community. You will reach out to our large database, get a slot to present your company/brand/project and network in the startup and innovation ecosystem of Turkiye.

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