Consultancy & Project Management

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Consultancy & Project Management

Our consultancy company Minerva MDC is based in Turkiye and run by an international team with genuine knowledge of the Turkish market as well as strong international network. We work with Turkish startups and tech companies who want to scale internationally, or international startups preparing to launch in Turkish market.

We help startups scale: Our experienced team and partners offer expertise and services on management, business development, team building, marketing, basically the essentials for scaling your startup. Whether you have a Turkish or international startup, or you are working on building a startup, or you are an enthusiastic new entrepreneur

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Services for entering and growing in Turkish market: Our end-to-end services start from consultancy, localization (l10n), marketing and business development for the Turkish market. We work on projects that make a good impact on society and the world we live in.

As Minerva MDC, we serve companies, startups, institutions or NGOs with solutions based on design thinking, Lean Startup and the insights of Steve Blank. We set out the road map, action points, create the strategy and bring together the tools to implement and reach the right audience to fulfill their need with the best user experience. Depending on the nature of the project, we work with a team for social media & digital marketing, support/help desk, translation and a PR agency.

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