Mentorship is important

The timeless painter Vincent Van Gogh, had a mentor. Actually he had more than one, but probably the most important one was Millet, also a famous painter. Van Gogh even reproduced around 20 copies of Millet’s work. In the picture on the left you see the painting of Millet, on the right Van Gogh’s interpretation. Mentorship is not new and will continue to be important in the future.

Mentorship for startups in a nutshell: An experienced team of professionals provides all the knowledge and networks needed by entrepreneurs to go from one stage to another. From an idea to a successful company. We create a network of business people, start-ups, VCs and mentors in order to build success, in a collaborative way. Simple.

Mentorship for entrepreneurs: You are or you want to be a solo-preneur, or on your way to start a small business after years of corporate life? Let’s meet for a coffee and discuss the perks of this bumpy road and see if you are ready for success in a new game. Stage-Co team has vast experience in entrepreneurship and also corporate life rebooted into entrepreneurship and we are ready to share our experiences and show you the shortcuts.

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Rules of thumb for successful mentorship:

Create a friendly relationship with your mentee to enable trust and confidence. Understand the challenges and see for yourself if you are the right person to mentor. Make an action plan with kpis and plan to meet each other on or offline on a regular basis.

What to expect as a mentee?

A mentor is a person with whom the chemistry must work based on respect and trust. The mentor is not there to bring you money or come up with ready made solutions. You share with the mentor what is working but most of all what is not working. Expect guidance and motivation but you are the one the makes the final decision and initiate the execution.

How compatible are you as a mentor?

In our workshop ”Mentorship for mentors and Mentees” we distinguish several types of mentors, from product specialist to management expert. It is important to understand what type of mentor you are, motivator or ideator and what is your field of expertise. Once you go through your intake conversation you, as a mentor, should access as soon as possible if the emotional level works out and if you are the best placed mentor to address the challenges of the startup.

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