Funding my startup. Easy?

/Funding my startup. Easy?
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For a couple of years now, new starting companies in the internet and applications environment are called startups and almost automatically connected to venture capital providers. Some of them even went as far an IPO like Facebook and Twitter.

But how do they work this venture solutions like Seed, Angel, Incubator, Accelerator etc? During this meetup we will welcome some Turkish investors and platforms shade their light on it.

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Doors open at 5.30 pm and at 6 pm we start. Presentations are in English.

First confirmed speakers:

– Patrick Bosteels, short introduction on “Funding my startup. Easy”

– Louise Westerlind, Co-Founder of “Projects of any kind. Bring to life. Locally and seamlessly.”

– Galata Bussiness Angels, speaker to be confirmed

– Zeynep Sarilar ,Vice President, Gemim, a new accelerator

– an Investor
language: English
entrance is FREE

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