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Hızlandırma Programları & Atölyeler


Stage-Co olarak sunduğumuz bir eğitim programı da Stage-Co Masters; tecrübeli eğitmenlere ve kolaylaştırıcılara sahip ve çok çeşitli eğitim ve atölyeler içerir.Stage-Co Masters; start-uplar ve firmalar için inovasyon ve etki büyütmek üzere uçtan uca hizmetler sunar, organizasyonlarda girişimci düşünce yapısının oluşmasına katkı sağlar. Eğitim odaklı start-uplar ve işbirlikleri ve enstitüler için idealdir.


İşbirliklerine gelecekte daha akılcı olmaları için destek oluyoruz.


Stage-Co Masters eğitim ve hızlandırma programları işbirliklerine intragirişimciliklerinde organize etme ve kolaylaştırma ile bir mükemmellik merkezi yaratmalarına destek olmaktadır.

Startup Akademi – Organizing and running Acceleration Programs for Startups

Workshops for Transforming Corporates

Stage-Co Masters help corporates prepare smarter for the future. 

We believe change is not only necessary but also inevitable for today’s business as we know it. As more startups are taking a portion of the market or least to say, redefining the customer needs and creating new ways of making business, innovation is more and more comes from outside the company rather than the R&D departments or labs of big corporates.

If you would like to hop on the speed train of transformation and find alternative ways to stay in the market, adapt to change and keep the dedicated professionals in your team, start with a basic training to learn about startups and make the first step towards collaboration with today’s leading innovation teams in your sector. We have listed and customizable workshops for different needs of the corporates, please do not hesitate to contact us for more. Here are some examples:

Up to 100 people, from 1 day to 3 days

  • Ideathons:

Creating a successful corporate startup sounds easy when you look back when you have made it into a good running company.  Having a good idea is crucial and finding that good idea is the challenge. Stage-Co Ideathon helps you to discover and validate that great idea combined with the right market, and make it the start of your new adventure.

Ideathons are 1 or 2 day events where we bring together people ready

to focus on a certain problem and find ways to solve it. Starts with

design thinking and involves team work.

We start by forming teams and giving the challenge(s) to find solutions. We use sandbox method to define challenges. Challenges can be redesign of a work-flow, a marketing problem, finance, or any topic that relates to the invited audience.

Ideathons help to reconnect with colleagues, internal teams, as well as for talent hunting and new and fresh idea generation from people outside your organisation, basically your audience.

We use Design Thinking method to discover the right pains and needs within the scope of the challenges so your idea becomes the most appropriate solution. Ideally, it combines a very heterogeneous mix of people, in age, profession, skill and experience, the perfect ground for a

successful Ideathon. It answers questions like: how can my product meet

my customer’s needs in the best way?

Next to the idea the team is of the most importance. During a Stage-Co Ideathon the Co-working, Co-creation and Co-working helps to find the right team members and understand the skills of each team member. A professional team has no limits in going from idea to prototype and

performs a great pitch!

Our track record:

Contact us to learn more about Ideathons

  • Hackathons

Hackathons are for solving challenges carefully defined in a certain area by using technology and programming. Programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers,

collaborate intensively on software projects in competition with other teams.

Some hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well.

Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, or the subject and the demographic group of the programmers. In other cases, there is no restriction on the type of software being created.

Set the expectations right and communicate challenges.

Our track record:

– In 2016 & 2017 we organised 6 Hackathons

Fishackathon (Sea and Marine Technology), IoT Hackathon, Environment Hackathon for Dokuz Eylül University

Passolig Hackathon, Aktif Bank, 2016

Coca-Cola İçecek Hackathon, 2017

Facilitated TEB International Hackathon, 2017

Startin İzmir, Hack4City Hackathon, October 2017

* Startup Weekends

Startup Weekends are 54 hour marathons where teams validate their business ideas and pitch to the jury to win. Any business idea can participate and compete in Startup Weekends but these workshops can also be in verticals like Food & Tech, Fin & Tech, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Fashion, Artificial Intelligence etc.

Our track record:

– We have organized more than 10 Startup Weekends in Türkiye and facilitated 5 Startup Weekends in Balkan and MENA Region.

–  In 2016 we organised 5 Startup Weekends in Turkiye and Facilitated in Tehran, Iran, in 2017 in Sudan.

  • In March 2017, organised first Startup Weekend in Mersin & in April Startup Weekend Adana, and Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence – Global Edition in Istanbul, September 2017
  • In 2018 First Startup Weekend in Balıkesir for Güney Marmara Kalkınma Ajansı (Development Agency for South Marmara Region)

* Pitch Like a Winner: Pitching Training

Max. 15 persons, 3 hrs

Dear mentors, professionals… let’s help the startups, get that investment round. You can have the best technology, most dedicated team and a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, this does not bring you the next round of investment if you don’t master the art of pitching. Join us on this workshop

for a hands-on exercise to excel your skills of pitching with Patrick Bosteels.

We will work see examples and practice to become a reliable mentor. We will also talk about general rules that apply internationally from elevator pitches to investor presentations.

#startuppitches #elevatorpitch #investmentpitch #yatirimcisunumu #startup #sunumteknikleri

*Lean Startup & Business Canvas

Workshop for max 15 people, 3.5 Hours

Starting a new business or launching a new product/ service can be done by trial and error or you can use a simple method to increase the success rate.

Failure can come at a high price, so this introduction to Lean Startup and Business Canvas can help you to increase that success factor. The training consists of an introduction to the method and a workshop in order to put in practice what the theory says. This is an applied workshop, bring your business ideas or your good mood with you. Success!

#startups #intrapreneurship #corporateentrepreneurship #yalingirisim #kurumicigirisimcilik #leanstartup #businesscanvas #ismodelikanvasi

* Mentorship for Startups

up to 25 -30 people, 2,5 hours

“Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising

businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind.”

Richard Branson, Virgin.

Mentors are one of the most important elements of the startup eco system, but also the most undermined ones. Mentorship Training is crucial to create more and better startups, as well as intra-startups within big corporates. In Turkey, growing number of investors and startups are

demanding more and better mentors. We also see experienced business people are offering mentorship as part of the investment or just to be connected with this new cool rapidly expanding ecosystem. Actually, today we see that good mentorship is more than the sum of experience and network. Let’s come together and discuss what makes a good mentor, as

well as taking a sneak peek to Startup Ecosystem in Turkey. This workshop aims at better understanding what mentorship means, for the mentor and the mentee, in order to get a more professional approach with measurable results.

#mentorship #startup #intrapreneurship #mentors #kurumicigirisimcilik

*KPI’s for Successful Startups

This is a workshop for startups, investors, mentors and people who are interested to work with startups.

As a startup you are managing too many things. There is the product, the lead, the customer, the team, the investor and you can go on. It is not enough to be always in the office or respond every email within 24 hours. You also need to understand where your startup is and where it is going. This seems easy as success is the goal but without KPI’s it is nearly impossible. This goes from the financial report to the cost of acquisition and many more indicators. This way you create a guideline and a transparent view for your investors.

In this workshop we will touch the most important one’s and how to create your own dashboard for yourself but also for your investor. This workshop is aimed at aspiring startups and startups who are already active.We will start from Business Canvas, managed through to your personal dashboard to understand or to use in your is a platform like launchpad where a startup can set kpi’s based on business canvas and investor/ mentor can follow up on startups roadmap.

#Keyperformanceindicators #startups #investors #mentors

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