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Gamification, game-based learning, and serious games or just games for fun have “the game” as a common factor but the outcome differs a lot. We will try to find out more and see what are the opportunities especially for startups.

Doors open at 5.30 pm and at 6 pm we start. Presentations are in English.

– Patrick Bosteels, short introduction on Stage-Co and CoderDojo.

– Elif BUĞDAYCIOĞLU, Program Yöneticisi – ATOM. She will discuss Games in Turkiye and Atom as an incubator for startup gamers

– Patrick Bosteels, Serious Games, some insights and life demo

Venue: Eskişehir Anadolu Üniv
Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Kırmızı Salon

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