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Mentorship Training

Startup Mentorship Training Workshop for effective mentoring for Startups, by Patrick Bosteels

This workshop is good for mentors, as well as startups. “Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind.” Richard Branson, Virgin. Mentors are one of the most important elements of the startup eco system, but also the most undermined ones. Stage-Co Masters Startup Akademi is happy to re-launch Mentorship Training to create more and better startups, as well as intra-startups within big corporates. In Turkey, growing number of investors and startups are demanding more and better mentors.

We are mostly mistaken by thinking that investors are mentoring anyway, but being an investor and mentor are two separate things.
We also see experienced business people are offering mentorship as part of the investment or just to be connected with this new cool rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Actually, today we see that good mentorship is more than the sum of experience and network.

Let’s come together and discuss what makes a good mentor, as well as taking a sneak peek to Startup Ecosystem in Turkey. This workshop aims at better understanding what mentorship means, for the mentor and the mentee, in order to get a more professional approach with measurable results.

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