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Key Performance Indicators for Winning Startups

By Patrick Bosteels, English

As a startup you are managing too many things. There is the product, the lead, the customer, the team, the investor and you can go on. It is not enough to be always in the office or respond every email within 24 hours. You also need to understand where your startup is and where it is going. This seems easy as success is the goal but without KPI’s it is nearly impossible. This goes from the financial report to the cost of acquisition and many more indicators. This way you create a guideline and a transparent view for your investors.

In this workshop we will touch the most important ones and how to create your own dashboard for yourself but also for your investor. This workshop is aimed at aspiring startups and startups who are already active. As this is a workshop with limited setas, you will have a chance to discuss your startups KPI’s with Patrick Bosteels

Patrick Bosteels is the co-founder of Stage-Co and Stage-Co Masters. A startup and entrepreneurship evangelist. Patrick Bosteels mentors startups to create a more active startup ecosystem in Turkiye.

This is a Stage-Co Masters // Startup Akademi Workshop

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