Entrepreneurship World Cup Finals Türkiye

//Entrepreneurship World Cup Finals Türkiye
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The entrepreneurs who enrolled by subscribing to https://entrepreneurshipworldcup.com/ewc-application/ before end of May will go through an evaluation process. The selected teams will enter the Final Pitch Competition in Turkiye. The winner of the local competition will participate in the final Global round and the 10 winners will do the final Pitch in November in Saudi Arabia. All info here.

EWC is a multi-tiered competition that encourages individuals along the entrepreneurship spectrum to enter – from those with just an idea to those with existing businesses looking to scale. Any non-venture funded business is eligible. Businesses with existing professional venture investment are not eligible.


15.30 Open doors

16.00 Keynote

16.30 Pitching starts

18.00 Announce winner and network


● Idea Stage: Individuals or early stage founder teams with a potential scalable product / service
idea and some initial revenue models for how it will make money.
● Early Stage: Startups with a committed founding team and a demonstrable product / service.
May or may not be able to show initial traction in terms of user growth and/or revenue.
Typically, less than three years old.
● Growth Stage: Growth companies showing clear, growing and measurable user / market
traction in a large or rapidly expanding market. Growth trajectory must be clear to be eligible.
● Social: GEN proposes a separate competition category for social ventures with a key
component of its activities the creation of social value in a significant and sustained manner.
The project can be a non-profit, for-profit or hybrid model with revenues or donations of
$250,000 or less.
● Industry: While GEN has no plans to single out industry-specific competition categories at this
time, these may be created to accommodate the wishes of any large prize partners.

GEN will define a judging rubric to be consistently applied across all EWC competitions at every level.
That rubric will address the following areas:
● Distinctive Competence: Does the startup propose a novel, disruptive or unique concept that
will provide it with a competitive advantage?
● Market Opportunity: Is there a clear market need presented? Does the startup suggest a viable
way to meet that need? Has the startup assessed competitors and presented a convincing
case as to competitive advantage for market share?
● Management Team: Is the founding team well prepared to develop the startup and positioned
to manage the risks?
● Viability: Does the startup have a realistic potential to succeed?
● Financial Strength: Does the founding team possess the ability to address the financial
requirements of the startup?
● Presentation: Did the team present the startup in a prepared, logical, and persuasive manner?

High marks are given to businesses that:

  • Are or can be a good investment.

  • Are scalable.

  • Show unique value propositions and are difficult to copy.

  • Generate new needs and new markets.

  • Present a strong overview of the existing market situation.

  • Demonstrate the presence of financial and strategic flair within the team, thereby combining creative skills with business skills.

  • Present a good understanding of risks and possibilities.

  • Address relevant issues regarding intellectual property rights.

For info: patrick@stage-co.com

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