Can You Develop Games in Türkiye?

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Developing original games are a challenge of any country. Turkiye is not different but new startups are showing us it is possible. Let’s find out how difficult it is and if it is really feasible.

Can you develop games in Turkiye?Open doors 17.30h and start 18.00h followed by networking time

Introduction by Patrick Bsoteels on “Can you develop games in Turkiye”
3 speakers who will unveil their secrets:
– Mildmania will talk about Darklings, their successful game

– Erdal Yilmaz will give us a background on Games in Turkiye

– Kazım Yalçınoğlu, lecturer and business angel talking about investments in Games
We will conclude with some announcements and time for networking.

The Place:
Middle East Technical University

G108 at ODTÜ İktisadi İdari Bilimler Fakültesi B Binası

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